Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi, I'm a Mac.

I must say, I cannot express my frustrations enough with this small 17" laptop sitting on my lap, right now, that is a PC. I have had urges of the last week to:
-throw it through a wall
-place it in a bathtub full of water
-smash it with a hammer
-hold a really big magnet to it
-detach the screen from the base
-throw it through the window
-throw it in the neighbor's backyard to let their dogs eat it
-spill my drink on it
-and others.
Basically, I'm a little annoyed. Do we know what is wrong with this laptop? Yeah, EVERYTHING. (Actually, we really don't know, but that's just what it feels like.) So. No pictures being posted on my blog anytime soon. This week, my task is to back up all the things that I don't want to get lost, so that we can take this lovely piece of horrible machinery to get fixed. Yay. I'm thrilled. So, it might be a while before I post any pictures of my party. Sad times. Can I just say, that I can't wait until I get my Mac. I just can't wait.
Thats all for now, and hopefully I will get to do some real blogging soon.
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tough Cookies.

In the next year, I am going to be faced with some difficult decisions. College.
Now, I have adamantly believed that I will be attending Roger State University, located about 45 minutes away from my hometown, in Claremore. Claremore is alot like my town, very small, and a suburb of Tulsa, which is why I liked it so much. But, sometimes I wonder if I would want to go somewhere new, some new scenery. I have looked at a school in Springfield, MO, called Drury University, which I think would be a good place to go, since they have a combined photography and graphic design major. Also, I just absolutely fell IN LOVE with Springfield when my family and I took a little road trip there, and I would love love love to live there, for any amount of time. Plus, I have never moved, once in my life.. and I would love to see some new scenery, something other than Tulsa.
Regardless to say, I'm torn.
Well, that's all for tonight..
Xoxo, Abbey.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project Restyle Numero Uno!

Ok, So I have begun my own project restyle.. and I must say, it is SUPER fun.

I have this dress that was just a little bit too tight on my chest, so I decided to make something out of it.. Kinda reconfigure it into something amazing.. The dress had an empire waist, and it buttons all the way down the front. On the back it has a lace panel, that I really loved. So, I cut out the part on the front that went over my chest, then I lengthened the straps so that I could wear it like a a skirt, but still keep my lace panel in the back. I absolutely LOVE it now, even more so than when I first got it!
 The whole time I was working on this lovely dress, I was gathering inspiration from a great movie..... Pretty In Pink.
I took TONS of pictures, most of which were blurry, or I wanted to put in.. but that would've been obsessive. My dad thought that I was crazy the whole time, cause I kept on getting up closer to the screen every 30 seconds to take a picture. But hey, it's all for the love of the blog, right?

So pretty. She looks alot like my mom, but then there are times when I feel like I look like her.. maybe if you combined me with my mom... then it would equal Molly... hmm.

I just love her style, it inspires me to create pretty things, and to be myself and secure in my style. Cause it's unique, and that's good. 

"I love this woman, and I have to tell her.... She's gonna laugh."

The scene where Duckie comes into the record store and lipsings/ dances. Great scene, not so great for someone taking pictures of the tv.. But, I did snap a picture of the famous shoes. 

Oh the giddy in-love feeling. Going through that right now.. 

Don't you just love Iona? Shes just too cute. What's not to love? 

They should've TOTALLY ended up together. It slightly upsets me. Alot. 
NOWWW. I have more!
I have actually (and you guys will be proud) on my............................ SECOND PROJECT RESTYLE!
I am super super super excited about this one... but I'm not going to tell you what it will be... but I will show pictures of what it is!! When we went to lunch last week with my grandparents, we convinced them to swing by Claremore to go through some antique stores. While we were shopping, I found this lovely gem...

A super pretty green vintage suitcase.. The inside is a little bit rough, so that's why I'm restyling it!
I'll put up pics of it when I'm done!
Anywho, it's time for bed.
xoxo, abs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow.

Today, we got a TON of snow. Therefore, no school. Which was quite a amazing. I sat around and did a whole lot of nothing. And enjoyed it thoroughly.
About two hours ago, it was announced that school is canceled for tomorrow also! How amazing. I'm super happy right now. And feel like building a snowman. Maybe I will tomorrow.
Anyways, Enjoy the new blog.
xoxo, abbey.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dorm Room Decor: Blue Beauties.

I am starting a new weekly showcase of ideas for my future dorm room, and this is the first post, dedicated to fun blue things! 
 Love this print, cause it's just so true.
 Yet again, so true. And another way to feel more at home.
 I love love love love the beautiful teal color of this record player, plus I just really want a record player.
This pillow would look lovely on a floral bed, I believe. Maybe I will get a fun floral duvet.. Hmm...
Well, that's all for me tonight! A short post, but church went quite long tonight. This weekend I will be in Arlington, TX, so be ready for some fun pics!
Night all!
w/ love, stargirl.

New specs.

Here are the new glasses! They are kind of a cat-eye shape, and are tortoise shell with some blue behind it. Mother says that they are super sassy. Well, more to come in a little bit!
xoxo. abs. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Loves.

Hello all! Here to share some things that I am totally in love with right now!
1. Classic Volkswagen Bugs. The VW Bugs have always been my ultimate dream car, and I have this secret dream of owning one as my first car, and I will do anything to make it happen!! I love a bug in any color, but don't you just think that the mustard yellow is just spectacular?! I have never seen a bug this color, and its just to die for. Totally going to have a mustard yellow bug someday. 

 2. I just think that this acorn speaker from Urban Outfitters is adorable.
 3. Gotta love a puppy, in any shape or form.
4. Isn't this cat tee pee so cute!!!! My sweet kitties would love to hide out in this!

 5. Two cameras that I really really really really want!

 5. This iphone 4 case is just precious. By the way.. Verizon now has the Iphone... TOTALLY didn't see that coming.
 6. Love love love love. This journal is so much fun. Get it. Right now. Like, now.
Just some lovelies that I'm loving. And I know, I didn't post a picture of me w/ my glasses.. but tomorrow, I swear! Oh, and something new that I'm going to be starting on the blog.. Dorm room Decor! I'll pretty much just put up ideas and inspiration for my future dorm room, even though said dorm room will not be here until almost a year from now! (and yes, I do have a mild, or not so mild, case of early onset senioritis. Don't be worried. It won't hurt me, but yes, it is contagious in some circumstances.)
Well, love you all, and nighty-night!
XOXO, stargirl.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Oh boy. 2010 is no more. And 2011 is already going by fast.
So many new things are going on this year.. and I am SOOO EXCITED! Some new things are:
-Blogging more often
-Working on my [someday] etsy store
-Taking fun pictures with friends
-Thinking more and more about college
-Being in God's word every day
Also, something new that's happening this year...

This year, I will be finding a new home for Daisy Dog. Since I will be heading off to college in a little over a year (soo near!), I have decided to not place the burden of taking care of my sweet puppy on my mom and am working on finding a good home for her. So, if you know of someone that is able to take in a very active and loving miniature bull terrier, let me know. I am sad to let her go, but it will be best for her, and our family.
I also have some adorable new glasses that I have been asked to show off, and I certainly will tomorrow, with some fun lovlies that I loving (obviously.)
Well, more tomorrow!
Love, Stargirl.