Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh life.

This week has been so busy. I've had so many plans, but the only thing I wanted to do after I did my work was just not do anything productive. Which is what I did.
I wasted time on the computer.
I applied for a college (can you guess which one?)
I did quite a bit of yoga.
I ate cake. It was super good.
I also ate jellybeans. They were good too.
I held my kitten a lot.
I took showers super early.
I got super inspired for The Cat's Meow (eek!).
I celebrated my daddy's birthday.
I ate some amazing Mongolian food.
I did a buttload of yoga (which, in my book, is quite productive).
I dreamed.
So tomorrow, I'm planning on doing an actual real post. And Saturday too. So, look forward to that, ok?
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

Monday, March 21, 2011

Goals for the week.

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did a "One week to a better me" post, and encouraged us to set five goals for ourselves this week, so that's what I'm going to do!
My weekly goals:
1. Start my daily bible reading again, and not worry about catching up, but enjoying being in God's word.
2. Feel beautiful every day this week
3. Be creative daily
4. Do yoga every day, even if Whitney can't do it with me.
5. Work on my soon-to-be Etsy store.
What are your goals for this week?
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Every Good Thing Must Come to an End.

The end of spring break. I'm honestly not looking forward to it. But I am looking forward to what the end of this school year will hold.
This weekend I finally did some spring cleaning, and cleaned off my craft desk. On Friday I had a lovely coffee date with Whitney, and then we went to the mall, and got dresses and some fun jewelry. I love our little dates shopping and going to get coffee with her.
So I'm kinda excited about a lot of things that will be coming up in this next year.
I don't have much to talk about now, but I'm just thinking about what's coming up.
Have a great week!
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Long Wait Is Over.

Yesterday was kinda a big day. I finally, FINALLY got my permit.
It was kinda a big deal. A much overdue big day, actually. By about 2 years, almost.
So, I'm really excited. And I drove for an hour today. And it was fun!
After I got my permit, and after church, we made a quick stop at Kum-N-Go, and I got some Naked Juice, something I really really really love.

And then I finished off the night with some cinnamon-sugar poptarts.
It was a pretty good day.
Hope that your week has been lovely.
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've kinda noticed lately that a lot of my posts are about food... And what can I say? I like food. It's good. It's fun to make. Maybe I'm a little bit of a food nerd. But who cares?
Anyways, the other day I had a total vegan lunch, and I was quite proud of myself.
 I had carrot chips with hummus, and wasabi peas. I just recently discovered wasabi peas when my mom brought them home last week, and man, they are good. But have a major kick to them.
 I also pureed up some strawberries and bananas, kinda making my own rendition of Naked Juice, which I plan to expand upon soon.
 Oh my. So, this is sorta a family tradition. Ok, it's totally a tradition. Starburst jellybeans. The best. Ever. Go get some. They will make your Easter experience complete.

And mommy and I put together a cupcake puzzle, and honestly, I did not enjoy putting the puzzle together. But, I did enjoy the movies and spending time with mom.
Today, mom and I headed up to Catoosa and had lunch with my grandparents at this cute little lunch spot called The Pecan Porch. I had their All Veggie sandwich on a croissant, which was swiss, provolone, and cheddar cheese, with romaine lettuce, and vidalia onion dressing. Soo good. And they have the BEST cookies. Nice to know that there are such great lunch venues that my grandparents love near them, and my future college!
What good food has been enchanting you this week?
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So, I always plan to post about things.. and then I get caught up doing other things, and then it's time for bed... And basically, I never post things when I plan to. 
Mais, c'est la vie, non?
Anyways, I was going to blog about this weekend today, but I guess that will just have to happen tomorrow, right? I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was earlier, and cannot wait for an exceptional spring break. Tomorrow, I am planning on:
1. Studying for my permit test
2. Planning an oh-so-fabulous Mardi Gras party
3. Doing some project restyling
4. Shopping for vintage fabrics for projects this summer
5. Reorganizing my huge blue cabinet in my room.. and my closet.. and nightstand... and dresser.. and craft table.. and....... (you get the picture)
6. And maybe do some spring cleaning. 
Just a little side note... I am being sooooo inspired by this lovely lady right now. 
I am inspired by her so simple, yet beautiful fashion. And those EYES! How can you not love her eye make up? It makes me just swoon, and want to go buy fake eyelashes and do my make up like this every day!
all pictures via weheartit
Isn't she adorable?
Ok. Well, that's all I have for tonight. 
Lots of love, and sweet dreams! 
Abbey Elizabeth. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

I love this show.

Ok, so I said that I was going to bed.. But mom and I are currently watching recorded Dharma & Greg's. I mean, who couldn't love Jenna Elfman? She is so adorable in this show, and honestly quite an inspiration for me. She is so confident in who she is, which is something that I envy, but it is inspiring because it makes me want to be utterly confident in who I am. 
Just something I thought I would share. 
Goodnight for real now. 
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth. 

Something to swear by.

Neti Pots. 
Yeah, it's kinda gross (if you know what a Neti Pot is), but I'm telling ya.. they are amazing. 
I used it, and my head was instantly lighter. And I could breath. And I felt better. Then I started chilling all over. And it felt terrible. But now I'm back to normal... Except I need to Neti Pot my nasal passages again. I'm quite excited for spring break now. I have optimism that I will be back to normal soon. 
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth. 


So, I still feel horrible, but I'm going to push through it and try to make the best of it, and I'm going to try and keep on being productive, cause laying around all day hasn't helped one bit. And as for that blog post I was talking about? Well.. Here it is.. 
The other day when I was blog-reading, I discovered a cute store called Ruche. Now, I really do not understand how I haven't known about them before.. but I didn't (just like how I was so surprised that I didn't know about TopShop until this post on Elsie's A Beautiful Mess, but that's a different story...). 
Here are some of my fave things from Ruche:

I am so in love with any cute t-strap heels right now. And they are floral, perfect to wear with a spring dress.
I just love bows. Enough said. 
These are just chic. 
Anyone else have a crazy obsession with oxfords? Especially heels?
And these socks with those oxfords? Umm. Yes.
If I could, I would wear a floral dress every day in spring and summer. 
And these hedgehog paper clips are too cute to not love. 
How bout an owl sweater with a floral dress for those chilly spring nights? Such a hoot, right? (Sorry for my intense nerdiness)
This dress just makes me want to start making sun dresses from the buttload of vintage patterns in the milk crate in our craft room. 
All of these items were found on Ruche, go check them out. 
Once I feel up to normal, I am planning on having a coffee date with my dear friend, Leah, and then a delayed Mardi Gras party with Whitney and her boy. Speaking of the Mardi Gras party, I will be making these lovely beignets...
Aren't they just adorable??
Anyways, have a wonderful evening, and I will hopefully be feeling better soon... 
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I kinda feel like poop.
And I was going to have an awesome blog post today.
But I feel nasty.
I can't breath cause my nose is so stopped up.
But it won't stop running.
And my throat is feeling horrible.
It hurts like all get out.
I just want to cut off my head right now cause I feel so horrible.
I don't know what's wrong here.
But it ain't pretty.
I'm tired.
And my head weighs a bajillion pounds.
So I'm gonna go have tea.
And then go to bed.
Love, Abs.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Dreaming.

So, today Whitney and I started doing yoga. And man, was it hard. I mean, we did a stinking beginner's video, and we were falling ALL over the place. But, afterwards we felt so good and refreshed and relaxed. Seriously guys, yoga is amazing. Go try it.
I'm kinda excited for a few things right now..
1. Mommy and I are going to be working on a little project together.
2. Getting in shape for summer
3. Getting my permit (FINALLY)!
4. Spring! I can't wait for the warmer weather!
5. More project restyles
6. Working on my soon-to-be etsy!
7. Hopefully getting a job so I can buy one of these..

8. Going back to OCU soon. (and OKC for that matter...)
9. Dying my hair back to my normal color
10. Working on some journals.
11. Tattoos!
Just my current day dreams..... What are you dreaming about??
Sweet dreams and love, Abbey Elizabeth.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Road trip!

Yesterday, the lovely Whitney Gray and I took a road trip to Oklahoma City to look at a college, and it was such a blast! We have absolutely fallen in love with OCU, and cannot wait to go back! It's like our dream college! Here are a few pics from our trip...
The most amazing Chai Shake ever!!! Soooo good!

 Whitney and her boy, Andy. (A.K.A. most adorable couple)

We went to lunch at this adorable vegetarian place called The Red Cup that is a few minutes from OCU. I got a sandwich that had hummus, honey mustard, spinach, and onion on wheat bread. So good!

Our trusted British guide, Ethel. We love you for telling us how many yards until our next turn, and telling us to take the motorway. 

There were so many dang semis on the way there and back! And it was super windy yesterday, so they were kinda swerving, and it was a little scary, but we made it safely!
I had the most amazing day, and I cannot wait to go back and get cupcakes and coffee at Cuppies and Joe, and to be on the OCU campus again! It was soo beautiful!
Thats all for now,
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.