Saturday, March 5, 2011

Road trip!

Yesterday, the lovely Whitney Gray and I took a road trip to Oklahoma City to look at a college, and it was such a blast! We have absolutely fallen in love with OCU, and cannot wait to go back! It's like our dream college! Here are a few pics from our trip...
The most amazing Chai Shake ever!!! Soooo good!

 Whitney and her boy, Andy. (A.K.A. most adorable couple)

We went to lunch at this adorable vegetarian place called The Red Cup that is a few minutes from OCU. I got a sandwich that had hummus, honey mustard, spinach, and onion on wheat bread. So good!

Our trusted British guide, Ethel. We love you for telling us how many yards until our next turn, and telling us to take the motorway. 

There were so many dang semis on the way there and back! And it was super windy yesterday, so they were kinda swerving, and it was a little scary, but we made it safely!
I had the most amazing day, and I cannot wait to go back and get cupcakes and coffee at Cuppies and Joe, and to be on the OCU campus again! It was soo beautiful!
Thats all for now,
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth.

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