Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Loves.

Hello all! Here to share some things that I am totally in love with right now!
1. Classic Volkswagen Bugs. The VW Bugs have always been my ultimate dream car, and I have this secret dream of owning one as my first car, and I will do anything to make it happen!! I love a bug in any color, but don't you just think that the mustard yellow is just spectacular?! I have never seen a bug this color, and its just to die for. Totally going to have a mustard yellow bug someday. 

 2. I just think that this acorn speaker from Urban Outfitters is adorable.
 3. Gotta love a puppy, in any shape or form.
4. Isn't this cat tee pee so cute!!!! My sweet kitties would love to hide out in this!

 5. Two cameras that I really really really really want!

 5. This iphone 4 case is just precious. By the way.. Verizon now has the Iphone... TOTALLY didn't see that coming.
 6. Love love love love. This journal is so much fun. Get it. Right now. Like, now.
Just some lovelies that I'm loving. And I know, I didn't post a picture of me w/ my glasses.. but tomorrow, I swear! Oh, and something new that I'm going to be starting on the blog.. Dorm room Decor! I'll pretty much just put up ideas and inspiration for my future dorm room, even though said dorm room will not be here until almost a year from now! (and yes, I do have a mild, or not so mild, case of early onset senioritis. Don't be worried. It won't hurt me, but yes, it is contagious in some circumstances.)
Well, love you all, and nighty-night!
XOXO, stargirl.


  1. love it when you blog. p.s. i think the canvas you did for the youth room is AMAZING beyond words or explanation! love you. love your talent. love love love. xo, nellierae

  2. i'm with you. really want the fuji camera! :)