Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring joys.

Yesterday I spent my entire day (almost) outside on my back porch, doing homework and attempting to the computer back on order. And, being the springtime-loving person that I am, I took alot of pictures, pretty much of the whole time I was outside.
 My setup outside, beginning at 10AM.
 Breakfast: toast with nutella, and orange juice (while listening to the song Orange Juice by Brianna Gaither. Go listen to it)
 A pair of my favorite shoes. Red jelly flats. 
 At this point I started playing with my camera and using my Diana F+ lenses on my Canon DSLR, and began rejoicing because the fact that I can use liveview makes taking pics with the Diana lenses SOOO much easier!

 How cool is that. I think it's cool. 
 My new Brianna Gaither CD! Love!

 I love this one. 

 This reminds me of when my dad taught me how to make necklaces out of these little flowers. I still do it to this day sometimes. 

 I literally chased this butterfly around for 30 minutes taking pictures of it. He was a good model, for the most part. 

 I love this one and how the Diana lenses made the space around him that weren't focused almost blur in a circular motion. So cool. 

 Lunch: Vegetarian Mexican Casserole. Gotta love my daddy for coming up with this one. 

 Chloe Ginger has recently decided that she loves to go outside, and wants to. And finds it awesome. And we are just shocked. I mean, shocked. She hasn't been outside a day in her life. Its crazy. But super cute. 

 The setting sun produces such pretty colors. 

That was my highly enjoyable weekend, what did you do with yours?
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

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