Thursday, September 30, 2010


On our way back from a camping trip, I finallly convinced my parents to take a slight detour so that we could stop at Pops! It was soo cool. so, here are some pictures.
This is the coolest soda ever! Its Jones Jumble Soda, and its basically a crazy random mixture of fruity loveliness.
 In front of Pops, there is a HUGE pop bottle sculpture.

 It seemed like eveywhere you turned there was soda! It lined the walls, and most of the shelves.

 Oh daddy. Gotta love my father.

 Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar. Mom says that it's good. I wouldn't know. But it makes a cool picture.
 Jelly Belly soda!! what more could you ask for?

And last but not least, my newly found favorite- Jones Vanilla Bean Soda.
Well, just had to share that little bit of happiness.
Now, its off to bed to prepare for a crazy homecoming weekend.
Love, Stargirl.

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