Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to normal.

So, after two weeks of being home due to crazy snow storms, I am going back to school tomorrow. And I'm really not too happy about it. Cause I have to wake up early. And I am really not an early bird. I do mind so much the school part, but I do mind the getting up at 6 in the morning part. cause that's not fun at all. But, I'm kinda glad to be back in a more normal routine, and I can get things back in order.
It is so crazy that this summer I will most likely be taking senior pictures, and opening my etsy, and preparing for college! Time flies soo fast! But, I honestly can't wait for this last year at home, and for my new journey into college.
Well, it's a short post tonight cause I need to finish some homework, and then get to bed early enough so that I can wake up in the morning, and get to school on time.
Sweet dreams.
Love, Abbey

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