Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cupcake Loves.

Being the little baker I am, I got an itch to bake some cupcakes while we were stuck inside all the past week.
Soon to be chai cupcakes!

The finished product!

This one is the Chai cupcake, with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

All of the cupcakes in a pretty display. 

This one is the pumpkin mocha cupcake with a chocolate cream cheese icing that has a hint of pumpkin mocha in it. 
It's probably no surprise to anybody, but I love to bake. I actually have this secret dream of owning a photography studio/cupcake bakery. It's the perfect combination of the things I love. And it's quite a ways away. But, we'll get there.
I think that I am finally caught up on blogging... Now I just need to blog for today!


  1. these look AMAZING. i want to know how to make all the different flavors you come up with and how you do the swirly frosting top. they are perfections.

  2. Thanks! I just look up recipes online, and then adapt them to my idea. And the frosting is sooo easy to do. I just put my frosting in a ziploc bag, and then cut off a corner, and voila! It's super easy.