Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cafe Sol

Every second Saturday and fourth Friday we have this thing at my church called Cafe Sol. Basically, me and my youth minister redid the kitchen in our youth complex to make it like a coffee house, and also redid the main room to include a stage. We have live music, coffee, lots of friends, and just a good time. This was the second time that we did it, and I finally took some pictures..
This is the piece of artwork that I did for the cafe, over the main seating area in the kitchen. 

The highly adorable, Ryan Quinn. And can I just say that I am going to have to steal him this spring for a photo shoot?  I mean, look at the jaw line. Amazing. 

Colin, my youth minister's son, who has an amazing voice, and amazing playing skills. 

Kevin, who has this dreamy raspy-ish voice. 

My sweet sweet Karyn

Hanna Taylor, my youth minister's daughter, whose voice is as equally amazing as her brother's 

A friend of Karyn's who played for us, it was soo cool. 

The dynamic duo. So good together.  
Tonight was soo much fun, and such a success, just like the first time. The cafe isn't completely decorated yet, but it's getting there. Having these nights so makes me want to have my own coffee house someday. I just love it so much. And honestly, I just love making the coffee all night. It's kinda fun.
Well, that's all for tonight.
Sweet dreams everyone.
XOXO, Abbey Elizabeth

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