Monday, February 7, 2011

A day of freedom.

Today was my second day out of the house since the blizzard hit us. I spent the day with the most lovely Susan. We went to Shades of Brown, a dreamy little coffee shop on Brookside (and I learned that their really only good drink is their Chai Latte). We also stopped over at the mall, and I got this fun over-sized off-white cardigan with navy hearts on it, and a teal knit dress. We went back to Susan's house, and I, having my camera with me, took some pictures.

She's a great model 

Today was quite fun, and hopefully we will get to go take pictures around Tulsa tomorrow before the next wave of snow comes in.
Thats all today, cause I am kinda tired, and wanting to just veg out on the computer, doing mindless things.
Love, Abbey.

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